Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Brownies should never be boring!

Ever need to figure out something baked to bring along to a friend's gathering?

My standard fall back is to whip up a quick batch of Brownies, nothing too special beyond the common boxed mix you may pick up at your local grocery store.

Now this is all good and greatly accepted by many people, however its not too difficult to notch it up a bit :)

My simple approach is to creatively use butter cream frosting.

Butter Cream Frosting:

1/2 cup unsalted butter
2 tbsp heavy cream
1 tsp vanilla
3 cups icing sugar

Do not melt the butter. Use an electric mixer or blender to whip the butter until creamy. Then add the cream and vanilla. With these ingredients mixed begin adding icing sugar, mixing the entire time. If you add too much sugar (frosting becomes too dry) just pour in a little more cream and mix again.

Using this base frosting you can mix in various food colourings to produce an artist's palette, and use the Brownies as a canvas.

Here are a few samples:

If you choose to carve up your batch of Brownies you can try out other creative frostings, such as making Tetrominoes.

I hope these samples provide you with some inspiration to make your next batch of Brownies exciting :)


  1. Haha, these are awesome! Super Mario Bros for the NES is probably my favourite video game of all time. Combined with brownies and I think I am in love! =).

  2. They certainly were a crowd pleaser :)

    The funny part was that no one would touch the Mario, so the mushroom was devoured in minutes... Mario survived for a good two or three days later apparently before anyone would even try that brownie (such a shame too, it had 4 types of chocolate chips added to the basic mix).

    I'm not sure what the next design will be but it's sure to be an 8-bit character (Kirby, Link, Pac-Man, etc). Any suggestions?