Saturday, May 29, 2010

Homemade Chocolates in Gift Boxes

This little project was intended as a personalized gift for a small group of friends, I think they turned out well so I'm posting some pics of the chocolate making process :)
For this batch I'm using marshmallow and/or butterscotch chips as fillings.
Here I switched to Rice Krispies instead of butterscotch.
The chocolate mold above makes for great peanut butter cups. I used peanut butter chips, however next time I think I'll try regular peanut butter - the chips don't give the texture one expects. To make the cups a little different I also ground up some almonds and pecans to give the filling a nuttier flavour. In a few cups I used marshmallows again, I guess I had making smores on the mind at the time.
Topping the cups was a matter of using coloured sugars, sprinkles, sliced almonds or roasted pecans.
After making the chocolates, I carefully arrange them into 1lb candy boxes. In total each will contain 15 pieces of chocolate :)
Obviously the 29 bottles of wine has nothing to do with cookies, their just another hobby ;) 
I hope you enjoyed these photos, and start thinking about some ideas for making your own chocolates at home :) Do you have any comments, stories about chocolate making? Please post below.