Friday, January 14, 2011

Some call it dessert, I call it a boat!

My Father's 60th Birthday was coming up, so I had to design a memorable dessert that he'd really enjoy... so I made his boat into the topper for his birthday cake! If you've read my posts on making shoes, NES, or VW Bug, then you'll know this will be a vanilla Rice Krispie & icing treat.
I made two large banana bread pans worth of Rice Krispie treats.
Using the two large Rice Krispie treats I sculpted the hull and superstructure.
With the lower and top halves of the ship complete I started painting the hull with Royal Blue icing.
The decks of the boat are a light grey. A black fender stripe runs the perimeter of the hull, to simulate this I wrapped a long string of liquorish around the treat.
Once the icing was done I started adding in details.
 I think I got the memorable part handled... I'll post a picture with this dessert on top of the Birthday Cake when it's served :)