Monday, October 3, 2011

Apple Preserves - A Christmas Experiment (more Brandy and Grand Marnier)

I haven't made preserves before so please bare with me while I experiment with this recipe for Apple preserves. When complete these preserves should have a healthy Apple and Cranberry flavour with a light syrup of Vanilla, Brandy, and Grand Marnier. I've collected photos during my preparations, including steps with each picture.
4 cups of dried apple slices, adding dried cranberries to fill the gaps in the measuring cup.
In a large pot mix 8 cups of water with 2 cups of sugar, bring to a boil. This will serve as the syrup base.
slice in half 2 limes.
use a reamer to extract the juice.
slice lengthwise a vanilla bean, and harvest the seeds. Chop the remains of the vanilla bean in to quarters, this will be added to the syrup as well.
mix the vanilla seeds into the syrup
When the syrup is cool, add in a half cup of brandy and grand marnier.
Pour the syrup over the sliced dried apples and cranberries.
It's important that you use a non-metallic bowl for the fruits so that the flavour isn't tinged with a metallic taste.
Wrap the fruit & syrup mixture with plastic wrap, and let sit for 48 hours.
Sterilize preserve jars, then pour in fruit & syrup mixture.
Add lid to jar finger tight, then boil to ensure a sterile container.
The preserves are ready to enjoy!
I've taste tested the preserves on pound cake, and vanilla ice cream - it really goes well with either of them however I think next time I use Apples I'll have to slice them into smaller portions to make them easier to pick up with a fork or spoon.

I like this recipe, so those whom know me personally, perhaps you'll be seeing a jar of these Apple preserves come this December :)